Ten Tweets To Transform Newspapers

“From MediaXchange 2011 stage my Ten Tweets To Transform Newspapers – starting now #naamxc11 #jrc


jxpaton 21 hours ago
“the newspaper model is broken & can’t be fixed” #fail #naamxc11 #jrc
  • jxpaton
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “newspapers will disappear in less than10 years unless their biz model is changed now” #changeordie #naamxc11 #jrc
  • jxpaton
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “the new newspaper model must become digital first and print last” #customerswantdigital #naamxc11 #jrc
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “the new newspaper model must now only allocate resources to the new news ecology” #slaytheproductiongod #naamxc11 #jrc
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “stop listening to print people and put the digital people in charge – of everything” #printnogoodatdigital #naamxc11 #jrc
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “newspapers must invest in content, sales & disruption – sell or outsource everything else” #linktotherest #naamxc11 #jrc
  • jxpaton
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “trust the crowd & especially your youngest employees they will lead the needed experiments” #naamxc11 #jrcbenfranklinproject #idealab #jrc
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “complaint: newspaper dollars becoming digital dimes #naamxc11- response: start stacking the dimes” #stopwhiningaboutreality #naamxc11 #jrc
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “digital first works #jrc digital audience grew 75% now more digital audience than print in less than 1 year” #newspaperscanchange #naamxc11
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • “digital first works: #jrc digital revenue up 70% Q1 ‘11 vs Q1 ‘10 – real growth not newspaper voodoo bundling metrics” #naamxc11
  • jxpaton
    jxpaton 21 hours ago
  • 22 thoughts on “Ten Tweets To Transform Newspapers

    1. “Disruption”? Is that a typo (sted “distribution”) or clever wordplay?

      “newspapers must invest in content, sales & disruption – sell or outsource everything else” #linktotherest #naamxc11 #jrc

    2. Do you mean disruption as in – a break from the continual pattern of business? I believe that you and your digital paper have done that magnificently. I feel that you have generated a tremendous paradigm shift and I am hopeful that others will follow your leadership.

    3. The video of this discussion was so inspiring. It set off a dozen or so lightbulbs in my head about what a newsroom should be, what local newspapers should be and their relationships with communities.

      Every local newspaper publisher should watch and learn. I’d love a job in such a newsroom. Thanks for sharing!

    4. To paraphrase one of your tweets, Sir: “stop listening to ad people only and put the direct, on-demand-payment people in charge of content monetization” They will collect the dimes for you.

      (And, when you are ready to do that, consider Znak it! — the Premium Content Monetization Solution You’ve Been Waiting For.

    5. Greg – aside from your shameless spam, I don’t think that is at all what he is saying. If you have seen their site you would understand. And since you really don’t appear to understand or care – Znak is something I’ll stay away from.

      • John, you do not have to use Znak it! nor even like us. I am happy that now you at least know that such solutions exists :)

        I have been following the “save-newspapers” discussion since 2007. It is truly mind boggling how much ink (and bits, tweets, etc) has been spent disputing such “deep-thought” like in the age of the internet you have to listen to the internet people”

        I you distance yourself from the world of print journalism and think about it for a second, you will realize how “obvious” Paton’s thoughts are — they have been such for at least 3 year now. And when you do, you will excuse my shameless self-promotion, which in this context is just a helping hand.

    6. I like the “sell or outsource everything else” part because of what it is going to allow us to do, but it is also the absolute scariest part of the future and where I think we will meet the most resistance.

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    12. Interesting, but I think you might be missing a huge value that can be unlocked. The physical distribution of paper seems to me a defensible advantage. The tricky part is to monetize the same paper real estate with no additional cost of production.

      With robust versioning the same ad space can be sold numerous times to just the right audience with just the right message. If one uses some of the new technology for 2d codes, the news paper can become a source of real time engagement data for advertisers.

      Seems to me the going forward model is evolving with many revenue streams. Some from web ads, most from print ads, some from events, and others from offering stuff and experiences that their addressable audience will probably find interesting.

      Other possibilities might be to consider using the content produced by the newspaper as periodical curricular material in the world of K-12 and community college education. Given the massive disruptions going on in K-12 in the States, my 2¢ is that’s where the most interesting opportunities lie.

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