Our Next Big Step


Today we announced that the Journal Register Company has been bought by Alden Global Capital. And that’s terrific news for us.

Alden has been an investor in our Company for some time and they have had a courtside seat to the Journal Register Company’s radical makeover following our Digital First strategy. They know what we do, they like what we do, and today they are putting their money behind our efforts.

Alden knows the media space well and has other newspaper company investments. Today’s announcement is a ringing endorsement of your efforts and demonstrates Alden’s confidence in our business model. Importantly, it also positions us well to continue to pursue our Digital First strategy and expand our Company going forward.

So, we stay on our Digital First plan with our team and goals intact but this time with a solid financial partner backing us all the way.

We have miles to go but today marks one very important step on our journey.

I know you will have questions – email me or post them and I will do my best to answer them.

Here is the press release http://bit.ly/mTXyXA .

Until next time, John.

5 thoughts on “Our Next Big Step

  1. As you know, there’s been a lot of internal discussion about this on top of all the press we’ve been getting. I’m trying to publicly address some of my co-workers’ concerns with the following message:

    We’re overworked. Check.
    We’re underpaid. Check.
    We’re afraid. Check.
    We’re under-equipped. Check.
    We’re angry about it. Check.
    And check again.
    And again.

    So why do I stick around a company that overworks me and underpays me and makes me afraid and doesn’t provide everyone the tools they need right now?

    Because, as painful as it is right now, JRC has a vision, a plan, and that means we have a future, for journalism’s sake. Yes, it will mean restructuring and changing what we do and how we do it.

    And it will continue to change.

    And, yes, I don’t know what the future holds, but this sure beats being in a broke company with a broken culture and a broken future and a broken heart.

    I am broken no longer. I have complaints, yes (and I’ve been very vocal about them directly to my higher ups and all the way up to Mr. Paton), but I see an actual future for us, other than closing our doors.
    So, guess what?
    I believe in us now, even thought I’m still overworked and underpaid and afraid and under equipped.
    I believe we are finally able to do journalism, all over again.
    And I believe we’ll survive and thrive and enjoy the benefits of this venture.
    So Check. Mate.

    Ivan Lajara
    Overworked and underpaid and afraid and under equipped Life Editor at the Daily Freeman in Kingston, New York.

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