EContent Magazine: Fabulous 15: The Top Digital Media Influencers

New York Times: Newspaper’s Digital Apostle

Los Angeles Times: News Exec John Paton Is Out To Stop The Presses

Columbia Journalism Review: John Paton’s Big Bet 

The Media Briefing: How To Revolutionize Your Newspaper

The Guardian: US newspaper boss urges his journalists to experiment with digital tools 

The Guardian: Operation Thunderdome

New York Times: Walk In, Grab a Muffin and Watch a Newspaper Reinvent Itself

Huffington Post: Journal Register CEO: We Will Beat AOL’s Patch and Huffington Post

INMA: John Paton’s relentless effort to change the newspaper culture — before it’s too late 

Gigaom: For Newspapers, the Future Is Now: Digital Must Be First

Editor & Publisher: Fireworks at Journal Register Co: ‘Ben Franklin Project’ Successful at All 18 Dailies 

Nieman Journalism Lab: Journal Register’s open advisory meeting: Bell, Jarvis, and Rosen put those new media maxims to the test 

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